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Military Students

Meridian University welcomes veterans, dependents and members of the U.S. Armed Forces. All eligible veterans, service members and dependents can apply for benefits online at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For more information, contact Meridian’s Financial Services Team at

How do I apply for VA Benefits?

Students seeking to use Veterans’ Educational Benefits must submit a Certification of Eligibility (COE) letter to the University. If you do not have an updated COE, contact the VA directly.

If you do not know which benefits you are eligible for, or believe you are eligible for more than one educational benefit and are unsure of which is best for you to use, contact the VA directly at: 1-888-GIBILL-1.

If you have not used your VA education benefits or would like to determine if you have any benefits available, we encourage you to call the VA to get started. The VA’s phone number is 1-888-442-4551.

Veteran Educational Benefit Chapters

You can access information about your Veterans’ Benefits, or Title 38 by visiting the WEAMS (Web Enabled Approval Management System) and doing a search by state and school.

When Will Meridian Process my VA Benefits?

Your VA benefits are processed after you submit your complete VA paperwork and submit your Certification of Eligibility (COE) letter to Meridian University’s Financial Services Team. Your certification is processed within 30 days of receiving the Certification of Eligibility (COE) letter. Please send the letter to

The VA does not generally let schools know that you have applied to use your benefits. It is important that you notify the Financial Aid Office in writing if you plan on using VA Benefits to pay for your tuition.

After you have been accepted as a student, please be sure to complete your VA Paperwork, Certification of Eligibility (COE) letter. Please note, if you are using Ch. 35, you will need to provide the Vet File Number of your sponsor.

Need more information? Contact

How Much Will I Get Paid for VA Benefits?

Please see the VA’s payment rates here.

What Happens to My VA Benefits if I do Not Pass a Course

For Coursework students, evaluation of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) occurs on an annual basis, once grades have been published for the summer quarter, marking the end of an academic year. SAP is also evaluated any time a student applies for Federal Student Aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for coursework students has three standards - quantitative, qualitative, and maximum timeframe.

Meridian University does not use the traditional GPA (grade point average) as a method of evaluation. Rather, the ratio of successfully completed credits to total attempted credits is examined for both qualitative and quantitative purposes, on a cumulative basis.

If you fail to pass a course due to lack of participation, or are not in good standing with Meridian University Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy, you may have to repay the VA all or a portion of your benefits for that course. If you participate until the end of your course and do not pass, there is no financial repercussion from the VA.

You must make every effort to pass your course. If you do not participate until the end of the term, your certification will be reported to the VA and there will be an obligation to repay the VA some or all of the funding. For additional information regarding failing grades and repayment, please contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551 options 1, 0.

We encourage you to review our SAP Policy and guidelines, as non- passing grades will impact your Financial Aid and your status as a student.

What Happens to My VA Benefits if I Drop or Withdraw From a Course?

Any changes in registration may impact your enrollment status for VA benefits.

Please notify the Financial Services Team of any changes in your registration status. Please note, if payment has already been received by the University or student, you may receive a debt notice from the VA.

As the VA will determine payments, questions regarding whether or not you will incur a debt are to be addressed via the VA’s Student Inquiry Line: 1-888-442-4551 (option 1, option 0).

When Will I Get Payment for My VA Benefits for Tuition?

If you are a recipient of Chapter 33 Benefits, tuition and fee payments are disbursed to Meridian by the VA no sooner than 14 days from each class start date. Within two weeks from the date of disbursement, payments will be processed to students’ accounts and issued as a credit balance if over the amount owed. For CH 30 MGIB, CH 1606 MGIB-SR, or CH 1607 REAP, your funding will be sent to you after you verify your registration status at the end of the month via the VA’s W.A.V.E. website or by calling the automated system #1-877-823-2378.

If you are using Chapter 33 or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program (CH 31), the VA will send your tuition and fees directly to the institution to be applied to your account.

For the CH 35 DEA Program, the funds are sent directly to you at the end of each month of attending class; however, you do not need to log into the W.A.V.E. system.

Will My Military Education Benefit Cover My Residency Fees?

Yes, your military education benefit can be applied toward a required residency.

Residencies are certified in clock hours. In order to be considered full-time, you will need to register for a minimum of 7 credit hours.

If you have additional questions about BHA (Basic Housing Allowance) please visit WEAMS.

The VA will not reimburse any travel, food, lodging or other fees associated with the residency.

Financial Aid and Additional Resources

Students may be eligible to apply for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Please visit our Financial Aid Overview page for more information.

Students using Chapter 33 Training: Please note that if you are receiving an outside Scholarship and/or grant, your VA Benefits may be impacted.

Meridian University does not offer specific military or veterans’ scholarships. However, there are many outside scholarships available. To assist you with your search for military scholarships, we’ve included a handful of resources below.

Notify the Financial Aid Office in writing if you will be receiving a scholarship or grant at

Department of Defense Programs

Tuition Assistance (TA): State

Outside Military Resources

California State Veterans Benefits

California Department of Military Affairs

California National Guard Education Assistance Program

Veterans Scholarships and Grants

U.S. Veterans Magazine

Veteran Benefits of Sonoma County (Sonoma County Residents)

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program, also known as Chapter 31

The Department of Defense has created a MILITARY ONE SOURCE, ONE STOP place for family members or service members who need assistance with a problem. The MILITARY ONE SOURCE is also available to National Guard and Reservists being called for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom:

US Dept. Of Veteran Affairs One Stop Shop (WAVE)

Spouse of a Service Member

The Army Study Guide National Military Family Association (NMFA)

Most frequently used Veteran Affairs (VA) forms for Meridian students:

Application for Education Benefits (22-1990) Chapters 30/34. 1606 & 1607

Change of Program of Place of Training (22-1995) Chapters 30/34, 1606 & 1607

Application for Survivors & Dependents Educational Assistant Form (22-5490)

Change of Program or Place of Training (22-5495) For Survivors & Dependents

Chapter 33 applications (online)

CSAVVE Shopping Sheet

Section 1018 of Public Law 116-315, Johnny Isakson and David P. Roe, M.D. Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020, added new requirements for educational institutions participating in the educational assistance programs of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These new provisions became effective June 15, 2021 and apply to Institutions of Higher Learning and Non-College Degree institutions beginning August 1, 2021. Many of the requirements are consistent with the requirements of the Principles of Excellence, currently in Executive Order 13607; however, there are requirements in addition to those embodied in the Principles of Excellence which schools must also satisfy to maintain approval for GI Bill® participation.

What is Section 1018?

Section 1018 codifies in statute the following requirements:

Section 1:

  • Schools must provide a covered individual (a student using benefits under chapter 30, 31, 32, 33, or 35 of title 38, U.S.C., or chapter 1606 of title 10, U.S.C.) with a personalized shopping sheet that contains:
    • Estimated total cost of the course that includes tuition, fees, books, supplies and any other additional costs.
    • Estimated cost of living expenses.
    • Amount of costs above that are covered by VA Education Benefits.
    • Other types of Federal financial aid, not administered by VA that is offered by the institution, that the individual may be qualified to receive.
    • Estimated amount of student loan debt the individual would have upon graduation.
    • Information regarding graduation rates.
    • Information regarding job-placement rates for graduates, if available.
    • Information regarding the acceptance of transfer credits including military credits.
    • Any additional requirements including training, experience, or examinations that are required to obtain a license, certification or approval for which the course of education prepares the individual.
    • Other information to facilitate comparison by the individual about aid packages offered by different educational institutions.
  • Personalized shopping sheets must be provided within 15 days after tuition and fees are determined for the academic year if there is a change.
  • Schools must maintain policies that:
    • Inform an enrolled covered individual of the availability of federal financial aid, not administered by VA that is offered by the institution.
    • Alert the individual of the potential eligibility for other federal financial aid before packaging or arranging student loans or alternative financing.
    • Prohibit automatic renewal of a covered individual in a course and/or programs.
    • Ensure each covered individual approves of the enrollment in a course.
    • Allow enrolled members of the Armed Forces, including reserve components and National Guard to be readmitted if such members are temporarily unavailable or must suspend enrollment by reason of serving in the Armed Forces.
    • Accommodate short absences for such services in the Armed Forces.
  • Schools must provide covered individuals the requirements for graduation and a graduation timeline.
  • Accredited educational institutions agree to obtain approval of the respective accrediting agency for each new course or program.
  • Schools must designate an employee of the educational institution to serve as a point of contact for covered individuals and family members seeking assistance with:
    • Academic Counseling.
    • Financial Counseling.
    • Disability Counseling.
    • Other information regarding completing a course of education at the education institution.

Section 2:

  • State Approving Agency will take action when the education institution does any of the following:
    • Carries out deceptive or persistent recruiting techniques including on military institutions.
    • Misrepresents payment of incentive compensation.
    • During a 1-month period makes three or more unsolicited contacts to a covered individual via phone, email and/or in person.
    • Engages in same day recruitment and registration.
    • Provides a commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on success in securing enrollments or financial aid to any persons or entities engaged in any student recruiting or admission activities, or in making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance. (Please note: schools are already subject to this requirement under 38 U.S.C. § 3696(d)(1))

VA announced the requirements of section 1018 in an email on April 1, 2021. The above list is a digested version of the requirements. Please refer to the exact wording of the statute (here) for the authoritative requirements.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at