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Diversity of voices, of viewpoints, of constituents, of epistemology, and of learning praxis have each been central to the work and goals of Meridian University since the University’s inception. One of the challenges within educational organizations is to connect diverse individuals and communities. The competencies required for facilitating the recognition and engagement of difference is critical to learning environments.

In a student-centered approach to learning, students’ experience spontaneously unfolds in ways that reflect the impact of social injustice and oppression. Attention to the student’s unique experience ensures that oppression and other social justice issues that have impacted the student emerge and are addressed. At its best, the experience of the learning activities in the Meridian classroom liberates the student’s experience from the definitions, prescriptions, and devaluing that is intrinsic to oppressive injustice. Instead, the student’s experience, as it deepens and diversifies, can transmute into leadership capacities that empower the student on their chosen path of vocation and profession.

Meridian’s statement on diversity expresses the University’s commitment to the principles and processes involved in building an institution based on this foundational value, as follows:

Diversity Statement

Meridian is committed to diversity across all criteria-of-difference in its staff, faculty, and students through affirmative hiring policies and practices as well as global availability of positions and educational offerings.

"I found a program at Meridian that integrated, within its academic requirements, challenges that engendered a richer and more expansive level of beingness to my life and work. The psychology program at Meridian is truly a transformative program."


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