Meridian's Learning Formats

Meridian offers its programs in two formats: the Monthly learning format and the Blended learning format. These two learning formats support the transformative learning intent of the curriculum while providing adult learners, who have significant commitments to family and/or employment, the opportunity to complete their coursework within a reasonable time frame.

Monthly Learning Format

Students who choose the Monthly learning format meet in residence for one weekend per month (Friday through Sunday) during the Fall and Spring quarters (six weekends per year). Additionally, students meet for one-week sessions during the Winter and Summer quarters. In the Monthly learning format, classes are held in-person, and some classes also have an online component. Learning together during the weekend and week-long sessions offers students:

  • The opportunity to sustain one's focus on learning and developing relationships within the learning community.
  • The opportunity to give and receive the support and nurturance necessary for the effective development and deepening of a transformative learning community.

Blended Learning Format

The Blended learning format at Meridian University combines online learning with two week-long residential sessions each academic year. This combination of learning online and learning in residence offers the student the opportunity to complete Meridian's degree programs by traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area twice each academic year, one week in the Winter and one week in the Summer.

Meridian faculty and staff collaborate to provide an online learning experience for students that invites new and unexpected meanings to emerge. Online coursework is primarily conducted asynchronously, providing students the opportunity to participate in collaborative learning with faculty and fellow students during times that are convenient for personal schedules. Faculty will often encourage their online classes to meet synchronously once or twice each quarter, if feasible for students.

Students deepen their learning experience in the degree programs through week-long residential sessions that meet twice each year. Students meet in residence in the San Francisco Bay Area for one week in the Winter and one week in the Summer.