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The Integral MBA in Creative Enterprise

What will your IMPACT be?

Launched October 2014 at Impact HUB Oakland

"Business has become, in this last half century, the most powerful institution on the planet. The dominant institution in any society needs to take responsibility for the whole...Every decision that is made, every action that is taken must be viewed in light of that responsibility. This requires more than incremental adjustment; it calls for a fundamental redefinition of business as a social partner."

- Willis Harman, World Business Academy; author, Global Mind Change

Imagine business actively making this planet thrive. Imagine business including our essential humanness in its calculations. Imagine business linking expertise and emotion. Imagine business asking more of itself than it ever has. Imagine business stamping out greed, hate, and delusion. Imagine business with a heart. Imagine! Just imagine.


Students in our Integral MBA program do just that. They imagine business differently. They imagine business fueled by visionary shifts in thinking, new business models, the power of collaborative alliances, how to unlock creativity through crossing disciplinary and organizational boundaries.

Our students are change leaders. They are visionary, interested in fourth sector and hybrid organizations, excited about emergent trends in conscious capitalism, hanging out at HUBs, business professionals with a passion for living in a beautiful world, women leaning into their unique role in transforming business, and social entrepreneurs expressing deep purpose through their organizations.


Our MBA is integral in two important ways.

First, it is how we teach the program. Our approach is based on principles of transformative learning where we honor the whole person – equipping the student with an integral mindset that takes on multiple perspectives, plus an integral skillset that provides competency in self-awareness, performing skillful actions, creating meaningful stakeholder relationships, and building effective systems.

Second, it is what we teach in the program. Our curriculum is designed on principles of integral theory where we honor the whole system (organizational + social + environmental + global). On the foundation of core business functions we build fluency in relation to four interwoven elements:

1. Cultivating Right Relationship
2. Restoring the Planetary Commons
3. Producing Transformative Innovation
4. Transforming Business as a Profession

This integral curriculum enables our students to be progressive business leaders who practice generative and creative enterprise in a way that deeply honors human relationship and celebrates our role in being stewards of the global commons.

At Meridian University our students imagine business differently because we practice business education differently.


Diverse Learning Formats
Our Integral MBA uses a number of learning formats to support your education. We use weeklong face-to-face seminars twice a year, online courses, regular activities at the Oakland HUB, internships, and teleseminars. Together these formats provide a very rich learning context that supports personal transformation, deep relationships, and professional skills.

MBA students spend two one-week sessions each year, once in the Winter and once and the Summer.
Online Courses will be taught online and will include synchronous and asynchronous elements. This combination makes our program easy to integrate into your current professional and personal life.

Oakland Impact HUB
The Impact Hub is an international network of workspaces and communication platforms for engaged social entrepreneurs. Meridian's classes and events at Impact HUB Oakland foster student interaction with inspiring social entrepreneurs and other leaders of creative enterprise acting at "the intersection of money and meaning".

Meridian has over two dozen intern sites throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area that students can choose from to match and expand their interests. Click here to learn more details.

In addition to the formats detailed above we also provide lecture series, mentoring, and other participative activities that build upon the core curriculum, helping students develop the business savvy, ability to respond to rapid change, and networking opportunities they need to be successful social entrepreneurs and executives.

Meridian recently hosted the teleseminar: The Spirit of Enterprise. For four days (October 31st – November 3rd), over 20 organizational leaders and pioneers of conscious business came together to explore the Spirit of Enterprise. Click here to learn more and access recordings from this event.

"We are currently preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist, using
technologies that have not been invented, in order to solve problems
we don't even know are problems yet."

-Karl Fisch

Information Session for Prospective MBA Students
If you're interested in an introduction to the Integral MBA at Meridian University, we invite you to participate in an information session where you'll have the opportunity to:

o Meet with Meridian faculty and staff.
o Speak with Admissions staff regarding the application process.
o Schedule individual information meetings for a later date with faculty and admissions staff.

Information includes how Meridian's MBA Program supports our students to be progressive business leaders who practice creative enterprise in a way that deeply honors human relationship and celebrates our role in being stewards of the global commons. Prospective students will have the opportunity to meet with Meridian faculty and staff.

Information session attendance is free of charge, but registration is required. Please click here for dates, times, and registration information.


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